Monday, March 1, 2010

Lip Gloss and Chemistry

I stayed home today.
School seemed exhausting.
But that's not that real reason I didn't go.
I had er, stuff to do.
Yeah stuff!
Don't give me that LOOK!

Today I worked on World History outlines,
countless chemistry worksheets,
and studied for a chemistry test
I was supposed to take today.
Not all that exciting,


I got to eat potato leek soap for lunch...
*mouth waters*

Then later,
my sister Callie and I
shaked our groove things to

Yeah Lil Mama...sing it!

I wanna go buy lip gloss now...

Wonder where she gets it?

IT sounds like MAGIC!

PS: you should totally check out his post about a suggestions required! hehe


  1. Sounds like you had a whole lot of stuff to do, so did I. Hope you enjoyed the soup because I am officially craving some! Haha!

  2. whilst your are at school take sick days whenever you can! (bad influence :) ) coz when you get out and have to start working you cant just take sick days for the sake of it!

    So do it whilst you can!!


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