Monday, March 22, 2010

What to do...what to do...what to do...

Shall I start with the good or the bad?
Hmmm... let's begin with the not so happy things.

Today I had my very first interview... a little scary. :/
It was at Fiesta Texas.
Nothing fancy or anything:
I believe I was going to be collecting tickets or something...
I didn't get the job- they said they weren't accepting
high schoolers until mid-May.
Kind of disappointing.
At least I tried doing something new ya know?

Then when after I gave my presentation in
English on To Kill a Mockingbird,
and handed in the project
I heard my teacher say,
"Did someone drop some mini-books?
They're all over the floor!".
He then proceeded to throw the tiny little books,
which I had slaved away on forever,
into my box and
threw it into the stack of other projects.

Grrrrrrr.... I'm so MAD!

Plus it's the end of the nine weeks and
grades are due.
I'm stressing to make sure I do well.
*breathes in and out*
Whheeww...I feel better.

Kay, onto the good.
This morning I rode with my sissies and friend to school.
Which is really nice because usually I have to take the bus.

Then in French we're reading Le Petit Prince,
and I'm actually UNDERSTANDING it!
This calls for a VICTORY DANCE!
*shakes her groove thing*
I hope your week is going better than mine...
at least tomorrow I'm scheduled to have a hair appointment.

Wish me luck!
Jessica Leigh La Lou
PS: Here are some pictures we took whilst in England,
way back when!
Hope they bring you some cheer. :D

Plus this lovely song!


  1. Boooo to bad stuff, but hurrah for good! x

  2. Just breathe jess. You'll get through this. And I'm glad you liked riding with us. :) it was a nice change for me too.

    P.S. I like your choice of song ;).


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