Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Me-Likies

Here's a list of things that "me-likey" lately:

Grey's Anatomy...

I've been watching it on Lifetime and so far I'm
only up to speed on season 2 but I LOOVEEE IT!
especially cake... especially cake
Walks at the "park" near my house.
Ain't it purty?

This dress!
I bought it at H&M when we were still living in
Germany. I wish there was an H&M here, but
alas... only on the west and east coasts.. sniff sniff.

Ranger and Werner.
They're the definition of sweet.
I just loove dachshunds.

Florence + the Machine
Yeah I know I keep talking about her...
but she's a pretty amazing artist.

That's what "me-likey" lately.

Enjoy another Florence song:

And now,
I'm off to watch all the Harry Potters.

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