Sunday, March 7, 2010

Debate Team and Baby Rose

This is what I wore to my very first
debate tournament:

Garsh, I kinda miss debating.
If there was every anything that was upsetting me,
then I would just fuel all that anger into my debates...
pretty cleansing. haha.

I really wish I was more apart of my debate team though...
They're like a little family-
they understand each other,
they have inside jokes,
know each person's pet peeves,
and can spend hours together.

I just can't seem to get in on that,
I really wish I could
because they're all so great together.
I just wish I was more apart of the team.

As of right now I'm considering fueling
all my anger at my brother
because he won't leave little Rose alone!
He keeps waving the laser around
and she starts chasing it and
is being even more physco than usual.
She keeps looking at the ceiling to see if the red laser dot
will show up...
grrrr... I'm going to kill him.
hehe not really.
I love baby Michael... most of the time. haha.

I'm off to see Valentine's Day
with my siblings in a couple hours
and I would love it if he'd come,
except without the laser?
Please and thank you Michael?

Lots of love,

PS: Enjoy one of Florence + the Machine's awesome songs-Cosmic Love.


  1. ohhh my sister used to debate!!
    except once she got drunk during a tournament and almost got expelled from school. hahahaha.

  2. I love that song! And I wanted to see Valentine's Day but never did. :|


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