Friday, March 19, 2010


Today's the last day of spring break...
I know, depressing right?

But I did have some fun times on this little vacation!
One awesome thing I did was have a sleepover
with a couple good friends!

{that's us...}

We went to the park and took lots of


{me swinging}

Our coolio shoes!
Mine are the TOMS-but you already know that..hehe.

We had so much fun:
watching movies like

One Missed Call,
Maid in Manhattan,
(which we frequently made fun of.haha)

We also ate tons of junk food! I love junk food.
That can be a real problem sometimes. hehe.

I have awesome friends!
You guys rock- just sayin'.

Don't you just love hanging out with good friends?
Ain't it the bestest?

Another awesome thing is my sister's new banner!


I can't tell her enough...

Today I went to Blanco State Park!
& got to spend some quality time with
my family. :D
Pretty great vacation I think...

How has this week been on YOU?

I'm terribly curious...
can't deny it.

PS: Thanks for all your help on my hair trouble! It seems that Alexis Bledel's hair was the favorite. :} So that's what I'm going to show the hair dresser tomorrow.

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