Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yesterday & Today's Endeavors


Yesterday my friend Caitlyn invited me to a 'Silent Film Festival'
We watched silent films from Charlie Chaplin, an animation, and a few others!

It was soo fun!
I ended up eating too much popcorn though...hehe.
Thanks again for inviting me chica! I had a BLAST!
Then today when I woke up I remembered
exactly how it feels to be a woman...


I have pretty terrible cramps right now.
I want to go crawl back into bed,
but blog posts seem to be my remedy at the moment.
Oh! And I hope they let me give blood this week,
if all goes well *crosses fingers*
hope my iron levels are high enough!

But anyways!
Earlier today my sister, Kaitlyn and I went to

(that's me and Ono... I'm the baby. awww yeah you can tell me I'm adorable I don't mind..hahaha.)

Yeah but back to where we went...

As if I need more clothes...sigh...

But I did have a lot of fun!

On the way there we blasted Lady Gaga down the highway
And sang our hearts out. :D

I bought one shirt and Kaitlyn bought a *cough cough*
few things... *COUGH COUGH* right Kaitlyn?
But boredom has come back to me now that I'm home...
I'm off to do homework again! (YAY! not.)
Next weekend I'd like to go back here...

or here...

or here...

Think you could help me get there?? haha.

See you on the flip side! (whatever that means :P)



  1. Venice is AMAZING<3 I went there last summer with my family and let me tell you it will not be my last time, I loved it so much!!

    Aww, yeah, you were an adorable baby ::)
    BTW, you can never have too many clothes, so hooray for shopping :D

  2. Sounds like fun time! Hope your cramps have eased x

  3. Charlie Chaplin is my favorite. I can never get tried to watching him.


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