Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day in a Nutshell

My day is as

Woke up left foot, right foot jiggidy jig.

In my French 4 class,
we're reading Le Petit Prince.

My French teacher is in awe at how St. Exupery
used grammar and defied a lot of the general French
rules on things, but sometimes I wonder
if he wasn't defying anything.
Maybe he just didn't understand
how to use grammar?


In my debate class we enjoyed
watching the latest Modern Family episode!
I don't know if you've ever seen it...
Then we worked on a boring worksheet in Algebra
and I tried to understand and keep up as usual.
Then in English,
we watched a documentary about the
Scottsboro Trials.

Pretty awesome day eh?

I'm also proud to say that my sister and I
have been running for the last 2 weeks,
and have continued on with our fitness goals!

Thank you. Thank you.

As of right now,

I'm avoiding talking on the phone with a certain
someone because I would actually like to get at least 7 hrs.
of sleep tonight! :D

Good night, good afternoon, or good morning!
Wherever you may be.

Love, Jessica

Monday, March 29, 2010

Stylin' Even Then Part 2

I know I've shown you some of my amazing
stylin' abilities that I possessed at such a young age.
Meet take two!


Matching is never a necessity.

Monday, March 22, 2010

What to do...what to do...what to do...

Shall I start with the good or the bad?
Hmmm... let's begin with the not so happy things.

Today I had my very first interview... a little scary. :/
It was at Fiesta Texas.
Nothing fancy or anything:
I believe I was going to be collecting tickets or something...
I didn't get the job- they said they weren't accepting
high schoolers until mid-May.
Kind of disappointing.
At least I tried doing something new ya know?

Then when after I gave my presentation in
English on To Kill a Mockingbird,
and handed in the project
I heard my teacher say,
"Did someone drop some mini-books?
They're all over the floor!".
He then proceeded to throw the tiny little books,
which I had slaved away on forever,
into my box and
threw it into the stack of other projects.

Grrrrrrr.... I'm so MAD!

Plus it's the end of the nine weeks and
grades are due.
I'm stressing to make sure I do well.
*breathes in and out*
Whheeww...I feel better.

Kay, onto the good.
This morning I rode with my sissies and friend to school.
Which is really nice because usually I have to take the bus.

Then in French we're reading Le Petit Prince,
and I'm actually UNDERSTANDING it!
This calls for a VICTORY DANCE!
*shakes her groove thing*
I hope your week is going better than mine...
at least tomorrow I'm scheduled to have a hair appointment.

Wish me luck!
Jessica Leigh La Lou
PS: Here are some pictures we took whilst in England,
way back when!
Hope they bring you some cheer. :D

Plus this lovely song!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird Project!

I had to do a project for the book To Kill a Mockinbird,
where I had to pick a character from the book
,which I picked Calpurnia the cook/nanny,
and design a box associated with three things about her:

Then I had to have a quote/motto that I live by:

And then get three quotes and three objects that
went with Calpurnia

Then I had to pick three things that described

These are some of my favorite books...

Movie clapboard!

Yeah that's what I did this weekend...pretty cool eh?
Hope I get extra points for creativity! :P

How has your weekend been?

Friday, March 19, 2010


Today's the last day of spring break...
I know, depressing right?

But I did have some fun times on this little vacation!
One awesome thing I did was have a sleepover
with a couple good friends!

{that's us...}

We went to the park and took lots of


{me swinging}

Our coolio shoes!
Mine are the TOMS-but you already know that..hehe.

We had so much fun:
watching movies like

One Missed Call,
Maid in Manhattan,
(which we frequently made fun of.haha)

We also ate tons of junk food! I love junk food.
That can be a real problem sometimes. hehe.

I have awesome friends!
You guys rock- just sayin'.

Don't you just love hanging out with good friends?
Ain't it the bestest?

Another awesome thing is my sister's new banner!


I can't tell her enough...

Today I went to Blanco State Park!
& got to spend some quality time with
my family. :D
Pretty great vacation I think...

How has this week been on YOU?

I'm terribly curious...
can't deny it.

PS: Thanks for all your help on my hair trouble! It seems that Alexis Bledel's hair was the favorite. :} So that's what I'm going to show the hair dresser tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hair Help...

I'm getting my haircut this weekend
and I'm really unsure as to how I want it to look...

Which of these do you like?
PS: My hair is a strawberry blond color, medium length,
and layered. It's pretty wavy too. :D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Me-Likies

Here's a list of things that "me-likey" lately:

Grey's Anatomy...

I've been watching it on Lifetime and so far I'm
only up to speed on season 2 but I LOOVEEE IT!
especially cake... especially cake
Walks at the "park" near my house.
Ain't it purty?

This dress!
I bought it at H&M when we were still living in
Germany. I wish there was an H&M here, but
alas... only on the west and east coasts.. sniff sniff.

Ranger and Werner.
They're the definition of sweet.
I just loove dachshunds.

Florence + the Machine
Yeah I know I keep talking about her...
but she's a pretty amazing artist.

That's what "me-likey" lately.

Enjoy another Florence song:

And now,
I'm off to watch all the Harry Potters.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Gist of It All

Yea, I certainly hope you can read this... hehe.
Let me explain with a bit more detail:

On the bus I sat next to one of my good friends who wondered why I was late to school the other day and asked me if I got was dancing again and had to get a wrap for my foot like last time and wondered if I was listening to "Knocks You Down" again.

-sigh- They'll never let me live that down.

Then in Chemistry I had to take a test on "STOICHIOMETRY".
Ew, what a name.

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.

Then when fourth period came I did stop motion animation on skittles.
I ate probably more than I arranged but it was out of
Uh huh, you heard me right.

My partner was driving me INSANE!
She's one of those people that laugh at the worst moments,
and pokes you constantly,
and and and... is just plain annoying.

When I got home I ate left-over Chinese food,
which cheered me up 'cause as you all know,
I LOVE Chinese food!

That was pretty much it... I think.
Wow, I love it how all this stuff happens
and then at the end of the day I can't remember half of it. :P
Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

PS: Sorry about all the all CAPS words- it's just one of those days.
Gives it extra dramatic emphasis ya know?

I leave you with one more thing:
for pretty much no reason at all.

-Jessica Leigh La Lou

Oh one last thing! Look at this hilarious post about the kitty Rosita! :D

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Debate Team and Baby Rose

This is what I wore to my very first
debate tournament:

Garsh, I kinda miss debating.
If there was every anything that was upsetting me,
then I would just fuel all that anger into my debates...
pretty cleansing. haha.

I really wish I was more apart of my debate team though...
They're like a little family-
they understand each other,
they have inside jokes,
know each person's pet peeves,
and can spend hours together.

I just can't seem to get in on that,
I really wish I could
because they're all so great together.
I just wish I was more apart of the team.

As of right now I'm considering fueling
all my anger at my brother
because he won't leave little Rose alone!
He keeps waving the laser around
and she starts chasing it and
is being even more physco than usual.
She keeps looking at the ceiling to see if the red laser dot
will show up...
grrrr... I'm going to kill him.
hehe not really.
I love baby Michael... most of the time. haha.

I'm off to see Valentine's Day
with my siblings in a couple hours
and I would love it if he'd come,
except without the laser?
Please and thank you Michael?

Lots of love,

PS: Enjoy one of Florence + the Machine's awesome songs-Cosmic Love.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tom Hanks Admiration

"Life is like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you're gonna get."

Tonight I watched Forrest Gump,
and I cried.
Not like the floodgates opened or anything,
but scattered tears here and there...

Have you ever seen this movie?

After watching it, I realized how amazing Tom Hanks truly is.
As an actor he embodies any character that comes his way,
and takes a real life to them;
something not every actor can accomplish.

These are some of my favorite movies
that he has done...

You've Got Mail.
The Terminal.

Turner and Hooch.

Among many others... :)

What's your favorite movie that
he has done?

Friday, March 5, 2010

This Week Unfolded

CAUTION: The photo representing this post
has no relation to the subject of it.

This is my smokin' hot mamacita.

Gosh she was lovely. *jealous*

But anyways! Today I woke up,
right foot, left foot, jiggidy jig,
went downstairs checked my sister's blog
(if you haven't looked at it, you're missing out... :D)


Then later in the day I tried to give blood...
Key word: tried.
Yeah I was a little nervous and my pulse was too high.
It was so frustrating.

And then,
tomorrow I'm going to Austin with my daddy
so things should be better. :)

I just got finished registering for a

French and a World History AP exam.
I'll be taking it in a few months.

*crosses fingers*

Let's hope I do well!

Have a fantastic Friday you guys...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Night I_______

Began writing a bucket list
and I felt so cliche...

----->go skydiving
----->write a book
----->run a marathon
blah blah blah

Do you know of anything
you want to do before you
'kick the bucket'?

I need some creative ideas!

Merci beaucoup,

PS: Cliche is supposed to have an accent mark,
but blogger won't let me paste one onto it,
it's probably not bothering you as much as it's bugging me. haha.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lip Gloss and Chemistry

I stayed home today.
School seemed exhausting.
But that's not that real reason I didn't go.
I had er, stuff to do.
Yeah stuff!
Don't give me that LOOK!

Today I worked on World History outlines,
countless chemistry worksheets,
and studied for a chemistry test
I was supposed to take today.
Not all that exciting,


I got to eat potato leek soap for lunch...
*mouth waters*

Then later,
my sister Callie and I
shaked our groove things to

Yeah Lil Mama...sing it!

I wanna go buy lip gloss now...

Wonder where she gets it?

IT sounds like MAGIC!

PS: you should totally check out his post about a peacock...name suggestions required! hehe


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