Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Actually My Name's Marina

Have you ever felt like an artist was entirely yours?
That you want to share their music with the ENTIRE world,
but at the same time you still want them to be only known to you.
Does that make any sense at all?
Well that's exactly how I feel about Marina & the Diamonds.
^^She was my fellow companion,
when I was driving to work this summer with my sister.
We would blast her music as we drove down the highway,
and sing along in loud bizarre voices.
I simply adore her music.
We have history...those days with simply her music are treasured.
But I think I'm finally ready to completely share her with Blogger Land.
This is a big step for me...enjoy:

(I Am Not A Robot is the one that started it all,
my sister, Kaitlyn ,introduced it to me. :})

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Thoughts Circling Around in My Mind

DISCLAIMER: There is a lot of excessive randomness in this post.
My sister Callie has this seriously cool Polaroid camera.
I bought some film and have been taking a few photos around the house.
Don't they come out really cool?
I think so. :)
Another awesome thing is that my swap partner
received the gift I made for her!
And she liked it, which is even better. haha.
She mentioned it in this post...go ahead, check it out ya know you wanna.
*makes smug look*
My mom and dad's anniversary!!
Yeah a total of 24 years in.
That's pretty amazing... :}
I'm really happy for them.
I think this moment calls for a song:

Paramore: "The Only Exception"

And maybe a few RENT tunes...

Love you all lots!

Hopefully the blog posts will be more frequent now.
This is the first night I haven't had homework in weeks though
crazy huh?

Have a superb week...


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