Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wishing Day

I've read a couple of blogs that have Wishing Lists for today because it's 09/09/09. So I just had to make one of my own!
I wish to find something that I truly love doing and pursue it, I wish that my family is forever happy, I wish to enjoy life without being afraid of change, I wish for someone to make me Melt Aways (hint hint Callie! hehe), I wish to see good in everything I do, I wish for a marvelous future in a career that is right for me, I wish for my first debate competition to go well, I wish to have the days will not be as monotonous as they have been lately, I wish to explore a new place, I wish for a new friend, and I wish for your happiness too!

To see another wishing list look at Rhianne's blog! And to see where I found this lovely photo clip here, too. :)


  1. Very inspiring! I made one too thanks to you...:)

  2. May all your dreams and wishes come true Jessica Leigh la lou!

  3. Beautiful list!! Sorry its taken me so long to see it - it was worth the wait though :)


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