Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ready or Not... Here it comes!

Today I was the definition of "vegging". I sat on the coach in my PJs and watched Degrassi goes to Hollywood...then went to my computer and looked at a few blogs and made a post or two...went upstairs and read a magazine...came back downstairs got a snack... called a friend and laughed a lot...watched TV I said lots of vegging. :) But I actually do have some stuff that I have to get accomplished this weekend! Can you believe it!? Haha. Here's my to do list:
1. tomorrow go to a tour of a vineyard and learn how to stomp on grapes to make wine, it sounded kind of cool! and it was something new so why not?
2. do all my many pages of homework...blah!
3. finish yet another project on an American Childhood the book
4. relax! It's Labor Day weekend! FREEDOM!! haha.
I hope you have an absolutely lovely weekend! Enjoy it! Is there any thing special you are going to do?


  1. I am working on some illustrations for a nice short story!


  2. hi jessica, thanks for stopping by my blog! the baby has been asleep for over an hour, i am having a good old veg right now!


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