Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend.. Especially If They're VINTAGE!

I went to a neighborhood garage sale last weekend that an elderly couple was holding. Let me tell you wife had wondeful taste in shoes! I bought both of these for a grand total of.... 8 DOLLARS! I would have bought even more but I'm running out of closet space and I promised myself I would only by my favorite, favorites. Anyways! Aren't they just great?! Only 8 DOLLARS! :)


  1. lucky finds! im a fine of those colored ones :)

  2. Eight dollars! Wow, that is one heck of a deal. I really like the white and blue ones.

  3. wow!
    yes they are absolutely great!

    the black one is my favorite!

  4. ooo! I love your shoes! :D and they're affordable too! Great find! *ienvyyou* lol. =d

  5. Hey thanks for the comment girlie! :)

    and I loooove the second pair of shoes, the color combo and pattern is just fab, classic vintage :D


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