Thursday, September 17, 2009


Every Wednesday at 8:00 I find myself running to the T.V. and watching one of my new favorite shows, Glee! It's so cool, it makes me want to get up and dance. If only there was a Glee Club at my school, I would rule that! haha. Anyways here are a couple videos of what it's like. If you like what you see then it's on Fox at 8:00 every Wednesday (central time). Enjoy! As for me.. I have way too much homework to even be on the computer right now, shhh! Don't tell anybody! hehe.


  1. Ah! I've never watched it before, but watching at the trailer/spoiler you gave it drawn me... haha, I should try it! :D

  2. i've been dying to see this show!


  3. I love Glee!! Its my new favourite thing - I watched the pilot 3 times waiting for the series to start, oops!


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