Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday Possibilities

Hello everyone! My birthday is going to be coming up pretty soon.. it's one of the big ones- no specifics or anything :)- but I'm unsure about how to really celebrate it. It's on November 3, which means I have about about 2 months to figure out what to do. Does anybody have any ideas? Feedback is very much appreciated! HELP!!


  1. You should have a THEME birthday party! I always thought themes were cool :) Like a masquerade?? or something.... ;)

  2. Awesome! Well.... you could just have dinner with a bunch of friends, or go bowling! Do something fun, maybe out there!

    Aand, I think it's cool that I "inspired" you... haha, well.. check out my situation TODAY. Feels like karma, even though I didn't DO anything!

  3. Take a trip to somewhere you've never been with your friends.

  4. may be a party ? and you can held a giveaway on you blog :)

  5. I never know what to do for my birthday!

  6. OMG there are so many things you can do... like a cute brunch with your family and friends... and then a pijama party with your girlfriends
    I'm gonna recommend you this blog... she has a lot of pretty party ideas

  7. omgggg i love birthday parties
    how old are you turning????? that's a really important factor as to how you will celebrate!!!
    do you want to host a party with your friends, or something small??
    right now i suggest doing a dress up party!


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