Saturday, September 5, 2009

Break on Through to the Other Side

Last night I went to a football game with my dad! I'm in the French club at my school and we were picked to make the break-through for our football team (you know the sign they run through and tear apart). Anyways it said, "ALLEZ! Plaquez les Raiders!", which means, "GO! Beat the Raiders!" and had a picture of a fleur de lis on it and our mascot. The only problem was that the wind was so strong that it was already breaking and when we were holding it (yes I actually got to hold it! how cool is that?) and we actually had people laying on it so it wouldn't blow away. haha. And then as we finally put it up and got ready it ripped in half.. bummer.. but it still looked cool! I wish I had a picture of it... but I don't at this moment in time. I may be able to get one from my French teacher but for now, here's some pictures of othere people's break-throughs.

Au revoir! Bon week-end!

There pictures were found on flickr to see where click here!


  1. Bonjour Jessica Leigh Lalou. Such energy and exhuberance in your post. You could bottle it and sell it. Je ne comprends pas.... Why do you speak French? Do you live in Canada? Anyway, it is THE BEST language in the world. La langue la plus belle du monde. Thanks for your comment on my post.

  2. Bonjour Crayons! No, I don't live in Canada, I live in the United States. I took French because I love the language and have always thought it was beautiful. Spanish probably would have been of more of a benefit but I always felt like taking French was just right... :)


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