Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Week's Little Bits

Hello again! Sorry it's been so long since I've wrote but I've been a teensy bit busy... I'm a lot more involved in school this year than I was last year. Anyways! So here's some interesting stuff that has happened in the last couple of weeks:

1. Two birthday parties: my mom's and my friends. Happy birthday to both! :D

2. Lots of homework! The one thing I don't enjoy about school. Hmm... well that's not really that interesting. Hey why did this make the list!? I OBJECT! haha.

3. An obsession over Beyonce's new song Sweet Dreams and Glee music. PS: don't forget to watch the video at the bottom from the last Glee episode. It's so funny! List I said- OBSESSED!

4. A new haircut...not sure if I like the way it looks

5. Staying after school practically everyday but Friday. I draw the line at Friday! I need to keep some sanity intact.

Well that's all I can think of right now! What about you? Anything interesting happening this week? I love hearing your responses! :)

Here's the video from the last Glee episode (it's a little slow at first but later on it gets funny...)and if you want to hear Beyonce's new song then copy and paste this link! Have a wonderful week everybody!

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  1. So cool that you're also selling your work. I should do the same......


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