Sunday, September 20, 2009

tag you're it!

It's game time!! Let's play tag! Here are a 10 random questions with my answers. If I tag you then make a post on your blog and then pass it on to five others!

1. Two things you cannot leave the house without? My phone! (this isn't how my phone actually looks.. this ones much cooler.. and shinier. haha)

My keys

2. Favorite Flower?
Roses- I love all types but I especially love red ones.

3. Favorite Star Bucks drink?

Ooooh.. double chocolatey chip frappuccino's are the best!4. Heels or flats?

I hardly ever wear heels, but I love the way my heels look over the way flats look. But flats don't hurt as much after long periods of time..

5. Favorite type of movies?

Feel-good romantic comedies!

6. Favorite color?

R E D !

7. Do you drink juice ?
Yes! At the moment I seem to be obsessing over Cran-Apple Ocean Spray's oh so good.

8. Eyeliner or mascara?


9. What type of shoes are you wearing right now?
10. What's your favorite smell?



I tag you! (little miss tiara, the magical bean, Red Boots, Rhianne, and Louise Lundberg)


  1. oh! You tagged me! Alright! I'll do it! Haha, and the answer for the heels/flats question would be quite the same... =| I shall practice using heels harder, lol.

  2. thanks for the tag - I'm posting it right now :) x


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