Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bubblegum Deliciousness

Ahh the joy of Baskin Robbins Pink Bubblegum Ice Cream...
sooo yummy..
I came home today and found some of this delicious ice cream in the freezer just for me!! It's a seasonal ice cream so I have to wait half a year to get some...darn.. still it's one of the best. However, it's not one of the greatest ice creams to eat in front of people you're trying to make a good impression on, because it usually involves either sucking on the ice cream and then spitting back the bubblegum and chewing it at the end (which sounds pretty disgusting haha) or pushing the bubblegum to the side and eating the ice cream first... a difficult task. :) My sister suggested trying chewing the bubble gum while eating the ice cream, but that ended in my teeth covered in a sticky goop. Lesson learned: push the bubblegum to the side and try your best to eat it. Still so delicious! And my favorite! :D
What's YOUR favorite ice cream?


  1. I have never seen ice cream like this! It seems like it would be a bit messy to eat but at the same time it seems totally worth it.

  2. looks yummy!! I love any chocolate icecream! It's a problem :)

  3. yummy! i guess my favorite ice cream would be vanilla soft serve! =)



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