Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Argh Grr

Don't you just hate those people that are constantly pointing out your faults?
Or telling you, you're not good enough?
Cause I sure as heck am!
I'm especially upset about that stinkin'
I go out and do something with my really awesome friend
and sisters, Callie and Kaitlyn
and she is incredibly rude about the fact that
"I didn't invite her"
and then comes back and tells me
that I should stop lying because
"I am a sinner"

I really don't enjoy her company.
At all.

So I'd appreciate it if she'd just get over it.
Please and thank you?
With a cherry on top?
Thank you.

Gosh high school drama is annoying.

Sorry to put all this on you
but something it helps if I fume a little.
WHEW! I feel better!

Have an amazing Wednesday!

I hope no one calls you a sinner! xD
Seems to be quite a popular accusation going around....
Peace & Love


  1. Just ignore her. That always work :)

  2. a sinner huh! wow, she is a great name caller! NOT.

    dont let the highschool crap get you down, spend time with who you want and when you want. Her drama will mean nothing to you in 2 years time :)

  3. High school drama - oh boy. Tell that beotch to get the F out of your life. You're way better than her anyways :)

  4. just live your life for you.

    in the end, the people who mind wont matter and the people who matter wont mind.

    you are beautiful and wonderful, just the way you are!!

  5. what a stupid slut. i'm sure you had way more fun without her.

    i promise you, this drama totalllly ends after high school.

  6. This made me laugh. Not in a good way though, people are just plain rude. Ignore her, she does not know what she talking about. Ah, jeez, I hate it when people do that.

  7. high school drama is ridiculous. (and to be honest, it doesn't really stop after high school either).
    i totally know how you feel.
    ps. you're amazing.


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