Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well here's what happened...

The day began with my alarm jerking me awake thirty minutes earlier than usual...6:30! *the horror* I was originally supposed to go running-didn't happen. Then I started getting ready and settled on my Italia sweatshirt, converse, straight-legged jeans, and my club t-shirt. *yawn* Usually my outfits are a little more exciting.
But anyways! I looked outside and it was pouring. Hmm... I suppose that's why I settled on my boring outfit. hehe. After pulling my hoodie over my head and grabbing my green backpack, I was on my way!

Blah blah blah.. rode the bus..blah blah to school late...blah blah blah...

FIRST PERIOD! I had French 4. We worked on a site commonly known as the conjugator! Eek! Then in 2nd period because things were so thrown off with the Juniors testing, we ended up watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. My friends and I joked around in the back and I ended up drawing Harry Potter on my knuckles, complete with a pull out wand on my thumb. Ahh...the joys of boredom. haha. Third period was Algebra Deux. Enough said. And lastly I had English, one of my favorite classes. My friend Caitlyn and I talked a lot, I would daydream and she would tell me what happened. She's such a good friend! *tear*
Then I got on the bus again, got home, and then the PAR-TAY started!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!

not really... I did homework.
PS: I was featured on the Diamond and the Rough today!!! Eeee! I mean how cool is that?
Thank you so much again Rhianne! You are too sweet. :)
Come check my post out!


  1. I saw you on Diamonds in the Rough and I was JUST as excited for you. You totally deserved that :) You are like a famous blogger now!

  2. Haha, Englishhhhh (: (: (:

  3. "hehe". <--- that was for you Jessica.

    congrats on being featured. you deserved it love <3

    oh, and I def. warned you about the weather this time. you can't deny it :P


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