Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things that Make Me Happy

I recently read a post on August One's blog that inspired me to share the things that make me happy!
exploring new places and seeing new things
cupcakes and cooking

Speaking French!
My kitty, Leonardo

getting new shoes

doing silly things with my sister

and of course my family makes me happy, too :)

There's more stuff.. but these are the ones of the moment. What about you? What makes YOU happy?


  1. I love to cook too! And I remember that banana covering day as well..ahh good times. :)

  2. When you get the cat known as Mr. Handsome to speak french while frolicking in the snow then you'll be on to something!

  3. What makes me happy? A new visitor to my blog, that's what! *wink* Also, I got a good giggle out of your bananas with faces. You could almost call them, "bananas bananas". Ha.


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