Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogger Awards!

It's time for.. DRUM ROLL PLEASE... the Blogger Awards! This goes out to all those adorabley wonderful, special, unique blogs out there. So this is what is going to happen! If you receive this award then you pass it on to 5 other adorable blogs. And give them some way to know that they were nominated. It's pretty simple and fun! So let the awards begin.
Here are my nominations for adorable blogs (no specific order):
There you have it! If you were nominated then make a post with your favorite adorable blogs! Let's keep it going!


  1. eee, thank you!! Your blog is adorable too :) x

  2. hey Jessica!! thank you so much!
    i'm really proud of being nominated!!
    i'll make my list ASAP, lovely blog too :)
    have a nice weekend!!!!!


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