Monday, December 14, 2009

What a crazy couple of weeks...
Between rushing to get Christmas presents ready and sent out,
Doing waaay too much homework-
(you'd think teachers would give it a rest occasionally),
Trying to stay in contact with the blogger world,
and juggling school related activities,
There are exactly 4 more days until a relief!

Not that I'm counting or anything ;)
So here are a couple of things I want to do this winter break:

Have a Christmas party with some friends!! I love having parties they're so much fun!

Make cookies! And maybe eat a few too.. well maybe more than a few. haha.

Cover the back of my agenda (this is the front) you likey?

Besides that I'm kind of stumped. hehe. I guess we'll just see what comes of it!

In other news! EEEE!!! I'm so excited!! My Holiday Gift Swap partner received her gift!!! And she LIKES them! I'm so happy! I was worried that she wouldn't.. but YAAAY!! :D I couldn't stop smiling after I read her comment about the gift! I'm so happy that she likes them! Merry Christmas! Do stop by her lovely blog, it's such an amazing corner of the internet. :)


  1. Likes them? NO WAY! I LOVE them. You couldn't be a sweeter girl. Thank you a million for the shoot out here also. You are so totally spoiling me with all this love. I'm so happy right now over the present you sent me that I can't even think about going to sleep. And I'm so tried. Thanks again lady :) xoxo.

  2. ps - just made my confession of love for you on my Twitter - hehe - and linked everyone back to your beautiful blog. I can't wait to share with them the special gift you sent me :)


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