Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Little Dachshund to Add

Hey ohmygosh! GUESS WHAT?! We got a dachshund! Another one! Isn't he adorable! I love him!! His former name was Ranger but we're debating on the new name for him. We kind of wanted to stick to the theme of German names because we have two other dogs named Werner and Schatzi: cue photo...

Soooooo anyways... I love him so much! But I can't seem to think of any names! Do you guys have any ideas?


  1. How about Arnold?... Wait, I'm just thinking of that because of the German actor whose name I cannot spell...

    I bet you can google German dog names and you'll find something.

  2. So it's not German, but we have a dachshund and her name is KoKo (like the beautiful brown color of her hair), and in her younger years she looked just like Ranger. I actually kind of like the name Ranger though. Since I was young my dad has always named our fish Ranger. All of them. He loves that name. HaHa.

    Your dogs are much too cute for words. I adore them all <3


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