Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well you see it's like this...

Can you believe that 2009 is over?! I certainly can't... it's a shocker. It feels like my life has just flown by and I'm not even that far into it. So in order to savor all these precious moments in the year 2009, I have decided to make a "Year in Review" where I tell little stories based on photos from this year...

In the Summer of 2009 I was mighty bored! That's actually when I began my blog and partially why I did: out of boredom. Yeah there was no specific reason for me starting one, except that it looked like fun. This photo is of my brother and I playing basketball in the summer in order to pass time.

When winter came around it wasn't as chilly as I was hoping for, so I didn't get to wear my lovely red jacket very much this year..*tear*

All year round I ride the bus... boy do I hate riding the bus.
Here's one place that I wish I could have gone in good ol' 2009:
the beach.
Hopefully 2010 will take me there!

I drew this picture of me for an assignment in my French class.
We had to get up and describe ourselves. I actually had a lot of fun with it!

It rained quite a bit in San Antone.
There seems to be not much balance:
either we're in a drought or suffering from flash floods.

(it seems to be drizzling in this photo)
I'm the Historian of the French Club at my school, which means I get to take photos at every event! Here's a photo of the supplies we used to make diable monts and diable fraise... I don't believe I spelt that right but in any case they were GOOOOODD!!!

If there's one thing we are constantly celebrating in my household it's birthdays! 6 of them year round, inner family at least but there's also friends and relatives as well. This was taken at my mommy's b-day party.

I got to meet the magician David Blaine at Barnes & Noble.
"woot woot!"

I made lots of good friends this year... I'm so thankful for them. We always have a good time it seems.

Awww.. I love these two kitties! They're such joys!

This is Jeb my marvelous birthday present from themagicalbean my sissy! :)
His name is Jeb.

I hope you all had a MAGNIFICENT two thousand and nine because mine was certainly worthwhile! And to end the last day of the year, I thought I'd share one of my favorite lyrics to a great song...

"...Maybe it's not my weekend
But it's gonna be my year
And I'm so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere
And this is my reaction
To everything I fear
Cause I've been going crazy,I don't want to waste another minute here..."
-All Time Low



  1. SO hard to believe it is over!
    Happy 2010 darling x

  2. What a year of blessings you have had! Just think you get to ride the bus for how many more months??? Maybe you can get a car and then you won't have to ride the dreaded bus! You are a blessing to your family and you and everyone who meets you. This year is full of promise and maybe a trip to the coast! Bonjour my little frenchie!


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