Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It Just Snuck Up On Me I SWEAR!

Wooh.. is it just me or did Christmas come super fast this year? Just yesterday we were on Thanksgiving break and then woosh.. now I have exactly 3 days to finish presents! Eek! I'm so behind! I wish I could tell you what I'm making people but many of the people that I'm making gifts for read this blog (drat!), so I can't share until after the blessed day. Anyways, about today...

Today was kind of a disaster. I'm a little upset with my friends. :( We were all going to go ice skating and everyone was all excited (originally there was a total of 5 people including myself going). I was especially excited because I haven't ice skated in an especially long time. (I have to stop saying especially! heehee) Last night I was calling people to make sure everyone knew what was happening. I got some pretty lame excuses from my friends, one of which included: "I'm not feeling it" and "I don't know how to skate so I don't want to go"! *sniff sniff* :'( What a mess! You see why I was upset? Instead of skating, I did some late Christmas shopping today with my sister Kaitlyn. We spent several hours in Target trying to find gifts for our family members and I had a hard time finding presents for the men in my family. I feel like I buy them the same thing every year.. in the end I did find a present for my dad and I can't tell you much except that it was a DVD.

Well there are exactly 3 more days until Christmas! I need to get a move on it! haha.
Have a wonderful day!
-Jessica Leigh La Lou

Oh yeah! Here's a pretty amazing song by one of my favorite bands (Cartel)! It's kind of sad but it's really good. :) Listen & enjoy.


  1. I have to buy the presents for my friends... Yikes.
    I have some ideas of what I'm going to buy for them... but I have to actually buy the stuff now... :|

  2. ugh, it totally snuck up way too fast this year!

  3. Haha, I agree, it snuck up way too fast! Lovely blog! Happy Holidays!

  4. And now it's over...Sigh. It came and went in a flash!


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