Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Always Interesting Talking to You

So as many of you probably know I have two sisters and one brother. If you didn't know that well then now you do. haha. Anyways! My sister and I were talking a few weeks ago and she asked me to teach her French (because I have four long years of French class under my belt) and I agreed. That was mistake numero uno. hehe. JUST KIDDING CALLIE! :D

Anways tonight we started chatting and this is how our dialogue pretty much went:
(--the dashes symbolize translations--)

Callie: JESSSSIIICCCAAA how come you haven't taught me anything in French except, "may I go to the bathroom" and "grapefruit"???
Jessica: Parce que je suis le professeur de francais!
Callie(glaresat me): I don't know what you just said....
Jessica: *sigh* I said... "because I am the teacher of French!" Fine, fine. I'll teach you something.
Callie: Besides "may I go to the bathroom?"
Jessica: Yes besides may I go to the bathroom...
Callie: Okay, shoot!
Jessica: Repetez!
Callie: Reeyypeyteeez
Jessica: No no not yet!!
Callie: I thought you said repeat!
Jessica: I did but not yet!!!
Callie: FIINE! Are you ready yet?
Jessica: OUI! Okay...repetez! Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilletes?
Callie: NOT AGAIN! I already know how to say may I go the bathroom..
Jessica: hahahhahahahha I know, I just thought it was funny
Callie: grrrrrrr...
Jessica: Okay, okay... "Ou est l'ordinateur?" --means where's the computer?--
Callie: OOoh es ley ordinate--umm I forgot
Jessica: Non, non, non Callie! Repetez: Ou est l'ordinateur?
Callie: ooh ey luhh ordinatey-ree
Jessica: *slaps head* non, non, non, Callie! >>in French accent>> I QUIT!
Callie: Nooooo! YOU'RE FIRED!!
Jessica: FINE!
Callie: FINE!
Jessica: Au revoir ma soeur!! Tu es impossible! --Goodbye my sister! You are impossible!--
Callie then runs upstairs and I sit and think, then proceed to chase her upstairs and give her a bear hug.
Jessica: Je t'aime Callie! --I love you Calie!--
Callie: Je t'aime tu aussi Jessica --I love you Jessica!--
Jessica: Hey you actually learned something!!
Callie: grrrrr....

Well that was one of the many interesting conversations I have had with my
sister! Haha. You haven't heard anything, when my sister Kaitlyn and my little brother Michael get in the middle of it we get even more loud and crazy! Do you have any siblings? Any crazy conversations? I'm all ears! :)

Have a great week you guys!


  1. How sweet!! You guys seem really close :D

  2. this kind of sounds like me and my sister. :) hahaha. :)

  3. Ohhhhhhh, I was so translating that shizit in my head. Four years in high school and two in college baby. I think you still know more than me. Ah ha

  4. that is wonderful. i love having a sister so much.

  5. hehe J'taime you both! I miss my sister when I read things like this :)

  6. Hahaha :-))) This is so funny:-)) Still laughing


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