Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shopping and Youtube

So here's some of the interesting stuff of the day:
I went shopping with my sister Kaitlyn today! YAAAAYY!!! I bought this and this

And if money permitted would have also bought this and this....
I also got two shirts from Zara but I don't feel like taking pictures of stuff right now... haha. Sorry bout that! Anyways then we went to Godiva and debated over whether we should get chocolate covered strawberries or hot chocolate. The choices the choices. :D We ended up going with the hot chocolate but the strawberries are still my favorite.

After that we came home and I found this really hilarious guy on youtube! His name is Mitchell Davis, and he makes really random, funny videos. For example:

That's pretty much my day in a whole so far! Have a great day/weekend!
PS: All the photos are from Forever 21 items. :)


  1. i'm lovin the hats this fall/winter so far!! :)


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