Monday, October 12, 2009

Paris Memories & Sea World

Today on my day off for Columbus Day (yippee!), I found myself thinking of all my little trips to France... Paris in particular. So I went through all my photo folders and found some of my favorite photos from Paris!

Besides searching through photo albums, I spent the day with a few friends at Sea World. We rode all the rides and saw many of the shows, including Shamu and Viva! It was a pretty great day but after eating a lot of junk food, I came home with quite a headache.
When I got home, I found myself with a pile of homework and chores. I completed most of my homework (due tomorrow at least) but still have to right a really long debate speech...yeesh. I also missed my show, Greek! Arr...
There's too much stuff to do! And I have to stay after for club meetings and practice everyday this week! I need a vacation.. I'm thinking Hawaii? Or Greece? Any suggestions?

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