Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Am I Doing?

Right now I am...
Petting Sheila
Wishing I had cookies
Considering a giveaway
Sitting across from my sister Callie making weird faces at her
Thinking about how I want to respond to an email
Finished playing Wii Fit for now
Browsing through old photos
Typing this post to you
Thinking about when I should call him
Wanting to jump on the trampoline
Listening to "Come What May" (again! haha)
Remembering our puppy Ranger has big paws
Wondering if I should finish my World History outline?
Gazing out the window
Rambling and...
Smiling :)
-Jessica to the Leigh to the La to the Lou

PS: I got a blog badge!! If you'd like it, it's on the side of my bloggy..just copy and paste the HTML...:D


  1. Oh I wish I had cookies too, yum. And your blog badge is cute. :) Hope you had a fabulous weekend sweetie.

  2. hehe u doing and wondering lots of things xD
    thx for ur comment too ^_^

  3. sounds like you're having fun! :)

  4. Having fun eh? Awesome! Love this post.

  5. HAHA, this photo is so adorable!!! Sheila looks like she wants you to take a nap with her ;)


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