Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 101 Award!! WOOT WOOT!

GUESS WHAT?! If you didn't already guess from the obvious title... I got an award! Eeee!! Mariella was kind enough to bestow this gnarly award to me and I get to pick 10 people to pass it on to! If I give you this then simply write 10 things that make you happy! :) YAAY!! So let the listing begin:

Un.) Retelling inside jokes and laughing until my tummy hurts
Deux.) Glee. That's something in it's self...haha
Trois.) Finding an amazing word in French that just rolls of your tongue... PAMPLEMOUSSE! for example..heehee
Quatre.) Getting an unexpected letter from someone! Emails are overrated...
Cinq.) That feel good feeling that comes after you've run...ooohh aahhh
Six.) Laughing about nothing with your friends.
Sept.) Chinese food...yuuummm
Huit.) Finding a new artist which has music that fits you so perfectly...it had to be made just for you!
Neuf.) The brand new smell that a new pair of Converse shoes have...
Dix.) Discovering someone has the same weird humor that you do! haha
This lovely award goes to... *drumroll*....
A Beautiful Day
Rose Red
The Magical Bean
Everything That's Anything
My Baloney
Red Boots
Coffee Break
Jen Rem
Camp Smartypants

Have fun with it you guys! :) And have a wonderful Wednesday! I always want to say that but I usually forget to! I'm on top of it this Wednesday! BOOOOO YAAAA!!


  1. Thanks lil G :). Love your blog <3

  2. Hey, thanks for nominating Camp Smartypants! Love your list too. I think #9 is my fave :)

  3. Thanks :) I love the feeling after a good run too.

  4. Thanks so much for the award lovely lady!!



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