Monday, January 25, 2010


It's January 26, 2010... you know what that means... *drumroll*

Joyeux Anniversaire Callie!

In case you haven't already guessed it's Callie's birthday!!
So in honor of my amazingly awesome sister I bring you all the things I LOVE about ma soeur!

--She's hilarious! She never fails to make me chuckle--
--She has lovely red hair--
which I am quite jealous of! hehe
--She's extremely creative,
and amazes me which her artsy skills
each time she makes something new
...I'm simply in awe--
--We have the same wacky sense of humor...
and use strange voices then laugh hysterically!--
--We can spend hours talking about nothing
and still be entertained.--
--I love her earrings,
she has lightning bolts, owls, stars, flowers, toast, etc!--
--She's extremely bright
and has knowledge about things I didn't even know about.--
--Her middle name is Jean which rhymes with Bean! haha--
--She makes gorgeous collages.--
--Her decorating skills are impeccable!
If only you could see her room, it's beautiful!--
And most of all she's my friend
and sister! And I'll always love her!


I don't think I tell you enough...

xoxo, Jessica
PS: The photo is of us when we were little!
Weren't we cute?? hehe.

PSS: I bet she'd love it if you'd stop by her blog and wish her happy birthday yourself!
Click here if you'd like. :D


  1. you were so cute - popping over there now :)

  2. You're a wonderful sister! You are blessing to all you meet. You too are special and full of talent! I give thanks for all of my daughters! I love you! Mom


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