Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I know that I do a lot of posts about my pets... and it's not my fault!
They're so freakin' photogenic and adorable.
I can't help it.
Take Ranger here for example:

What in the world is the weirdo doing up there?
Hahahaha... oh he cracks me up.
And then my kitty Leonardo is always adorable. As you know.
Do you see what I mean?
I'm obsessed with taking photos of them.
What is your obsession?
OH and by the way you guys should enter
this giveaway and this Crafty Goodness Swap.


  1. very cute!!! i love your kitty's name :-)

  2. my obsession recently are fountain pens. hahaha.
    i know, right? but they are a dream to write with!

    your animals are so sweet!
    signed up for the craft swap!

  3. Well I think Ranger Danger or Grainger is quite adorable although he might be ADHD in the dog version and Leonardo or rather Coal or Monkey, not sure if they really know their right name due to the fact that you never call them the same name twice is quite adorable too! You didn't mention that your cat comes when you call it and hangs on your shoulders when you walk around with him...:)


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