Monday, June 7, 2010

Next on the Agenda...

Well it's Summer time!!
I have been out of school for officially...
--hang on let me count--
3 DAYS!! *applause applause*
Last week I went to a family reunion at the Guadalupe River...
We went swimming, spent the night, and fished.
It was really fun except for the dreaded outhouse *shivers*
On the last day of school my family and I went to the Rise Bakery
and had a delicious cream cheese cookie and hot chocolate to celebrate my final day of my sophomore year.

Then for two days all the women in my family (all four of us)
went to Port Aransas for two days...
It was a lot of fun. I always love going to the beach!

Today things get a little more serious though. It's the very first day of my job at Fiesta Texas and let me tell you I look attractive. I have pleated khaki pants on that I could fit another person in, if it wasn't for the belt. And then to TOP it all OFF, I have a neon yellow/green t-shirt that can is so bright that you can not only view me from down a street but in outer space.

Wish me luck.

Cross your fingers.

No seriously I'm nervous I need all the help I can get.

Jessica Leigh


  1. Seems so much fun ! And good luck for your job ! Maybe I can see you from here . Haha .

  2. Good luck! There is nothing like the uniform right. The thought of mine from my first job still gives me shudders and that was quite a while ago now. Think of the money though :)


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