Monday, June 21, 2010

Papers & Papers into the Recycling Bin They Go

I went through my backpack and binders today to get rid
of old no longer useful papers
and lookie here...
Isn't that a huge stack?

I always find the things I keep every year quite interesting.
For example I kept this paper from chemistry:

It was an introduction to stoichiometry and I had to draw a real life
example of Single Replacement. Cue PB & J substituting with honey.

AAH! These are the stacks of outlines I had to do all year for World History this year. Shiver.
In other news: I also have been practicing my henna on family members.
This is Callie's fully covered hand. :D

Lately I've been listening to these awesome tunes... Journey + Glee = pure genius.


  1. Haha, I always find interesting things when tidying up my room, and ended up looking at them instead of making my room tidier, lol, usually it'll take my mom to remind me that I have to finish the room first, hahaha...

    and oh! Henna! I loved doing that :D

  2. Well Lil here's the thing, how is that you always start out telling me that you aren't going to be an environmental engineer and then in the next breath you're recycling and talking about your science papers...hmmm.
    Remember the heirloom quilt to A & M could go to you!

  3. That's cool that you do henna. I've always wanted to get one done.
    And I need to clean out my boxes from school downstairs. Mainly cuz it's a lot of junk I need to toss out but also because I want to find cool stuff like you - haha :)


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