Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Night Life

As many of you probably know,
(because you read my sister's rad post)
I went to see Camera Obscura last night!!

I know you're's okay it'll pass.

At the door the man asked if I was 21 years old?
So what do you they do?
Stamp an extremely inky X all over both of my hands.

Here's a photo for proof:

Here's what the place looked like...

I had a lot of fun with my sisters and friend...
I'm really likin' Austin.
I want to go back and watch another concert at Emo's. :)

And then today I was inducted into the
National French Honor Society!

This is what I wore...
Yes the X's were still visible even after excessive scrubbing. hehe.
I can't believe my amazing mother surprised me by taking
me shopping this morning for that dress.
I like it a lot.

For desert after the ceremony I had some
yummy strawberry pound cake...uhm, uhm, goood...

What'd you do this weekend?
Do tell.


  1. I love your outfit post with the big X's. Oh how I remember being under 21.

  2. holy big enough X's.
    here they just to teeny ones.

    totally jealous that you got to saw them.
    i missed them when they came to toronto.
    i hope they were awesome.

  3. I love your dress, and the dessert looks delicious.

  4. So fun. I'm glad we got to got see them :)!!

    P.S. I love you and your dress.


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