Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crafty Goodness Swap Gift Received!

Soooo guess who got her package in the mail from the Crafty Goodness Swap?

Yeah that be me!
I'm seriously
still excited.
First off I'd like to thank Jill so much for
sending me my gift, because
I never got the gift from my original partner and
she stepped in and sent me an "angel" gift.

That was so kind of you! Thank you again. :}

After reading a very sweet card (^see above^) I opened the package
and the first thing that I grabbed was this journal which was
specially decorated by Jill herself, in a fashion called "Zen-Doodling".

neat eh? Gets better...hehe

She also made this adorable bookmark which was
also decorated by herself. It's so cute, it's currently
in my copy of Pride and Prejudice which I'm trying to read
over the Christmas break.

Also decorated in the same theme was a cup
which is now on my shelf holding some of my pencils. :D
Very handy.

The next thing which has to be by far the most elaborate
and one of my favorite items in the package...was an...


I risked 7 years bad luck by opening it up in my house
and taking a few pictures with it.
But it was so cool I couldn't resist!
She used so much detail...

All the detail and time that she put into
my swap gift was so incredible.
Thank you so much again Jill!
You're an angel for doing my "angel" package.


  1. I'm glad you like everything! Your gift to your partner was so beautiful and heartfelt that you couldn't go without a package! I was happy to create somethings for you and had a great time doodling to make them.
    By the way I hope that having the umbrella open in the house really doesn't equal 7 years bad luck as I had it open in the house for weeks when I was working on it!!!

  2. Ohmigod. That umbrella is the best umbrella ever! ;)


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