Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pretty Magnificent Trio of Fluffballs

The other night my brother , Michael, my sister, Callie, and my mom went on a walk with our dogs. They were gone quite a bit longer than usual and it was quite some time before I saw any of them. When I finally did see one of them it was Callie and she had rushed into the house in a frantic manner asking for a flash light. I grabbed it for her and we hopped into the car to a nearby forest/creek/overpass (whatever you'd like to call it hah). She explained that she had heard quite a few meows and that when they went over to investigate, they found some abandoned kittens. There was a box nearby so I'm assuming that's where they were dropped. We're not sure if there were more that just ran off or some that didn't make it but who really knows? Except the people that did it I guess.
So we tried for about an hour to try to lure them to us with no prevail.
The only thing I had to show for it was scratches up and down my legs and ant bites. Ehh.
The next morning when everybody left the house my mom went back down to the creek/foresty overpass and got all of them to come to her.
Pretty amazing thing she did eh?
So now they're living upstairs until we find them a home or until somebody admits that we might actually keep them. But that will mean we'll whole lot of kitties, multiple dogs, and a poop load of fish. Yes I did just say 'poop load'. hehehe. That's quite a lot to take care of.
So without further adieu... MORE KITTY PHOTOS!

Aren't they unfathomably CUTE!??!?

I hope you just nodded your head, 'cause I totally just did.
Oh yeah that just happened. hehe.
xoxooxoxox, JessicaLeighLaLou


  1. Kitties? Best. Thing. Ever. :)

  2. mariassecretgardenSat Aug 28, 09:03:00 PM

    Sweet babies! It amazes me that someone dumped them...

  3. Aww they are little darlings!

  4. Hello Jessica!!
    What sweet kittens you have! I hope you get to keep them! :) I wanted to thank you SO much for the beautifull pillow you made for me for the Crafty Goodness swap! When I opened that box, I was absolutely amazed at what you made for me. It was so much more than what I imagined. It must have taken you quite a while to make it and I am so thankful that you wanted to me it for me! I am working on organinzing my sewing room, so it will have a very special spot waiting for it!
    I am so glad to have found your blogspot too! It has been fun to read! :) Shannon

  5. Awwwww too much kitty cuteness!

  6. What?!? YOu HAVE to keep them!!!! They're so cute!!!!!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog


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