Saturday, August 21, 2010


So I feel very accomplished!
Well more or less... haha.
I'm finally almost done with my summer assignment. It's taken me a little while, with a bit of procrastination *cough cough*, but I'm almost done. Unfortunately I can't find any similes or metaphors which is annoying me because I need to find at least ONE! Arghklsdfalxjlksaf; Hemingway annoys me sometimes with his blunt journalistic style and his stoicism... Anyways! I didn't do much "back to school" shopping this year, I only bought a couple new things that will hopefully last me a while. Here are the five things I've bought this summer that I'm most excited about:

My new romper that I got at Urban Outfitters on sale. :)

2. My latest Henna that I did on my hand.
{I bought the Henna...and then did it at home to clarify. :)}

3.My brand spanking new GLASSES! OHH YEAH

4. Wallet + Purse {Target}

And an Aladdin soup/food holder that keeps food nice and hot.


So there you have it.
I'm pretty excited about all of that... it's nice being able to buy little things like that ya know? It helps when you're employed don'tchathink? hehee.

I hope you all are having a fabulous day!
Enjoy the last couple of days of summer...

Love--Jessica Leigh La Lou

PS: I recently found this Belgian girls choir on the net called-Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

Aren't they amazing? :D


  1. Love the romper, love the glasses, love the henna! Yeah, I basically love everything in this post! X

  2. Love everything! I like how it has a tiny spoon hehe :)

  3. mariassecretgardenMon Aug 23, 05:13:00 AM

    Love you and hope you have a wonderful school year! Love all the new finds....such fuN!

  4. Love this post Jessica!! Especially how beautiful you look in your wait.. romper! I meant romper! :)
    Beautiful henna and congratulations on finishing your summer homework. Also love the little Aladin tupperware complete with spoon which I helped you get :0)


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