Monday, July 5, 2010

Tuesday Me-Likies

In honor of my 2nd paycheck I am going to buy something.
But the question is what??
Hmmm... which of these is your favorite?

I would love to know any of your marvelous opinions. :)
PS: this post was in fact posted Tuesday but blogger's being stupid and listing it as Monday. Argh.


  1. I like the little jacket thing #6 (don't remember the name) and the red TOMS.

  2. The red toms and the mustache ring :)

  3. <3 the toms, converse, and the mustache ring!

  4. I love the black coat and the red shoes. <3

  5. i have that ring and those shoes! the shoes are amazing. get those. the ring is a little bit uncomfortable... but i think i remember spending only a few bucks on it. so you should just get it.

  6. The first jacket and the floral dress. Or maybe if you could just get it all? Because that is some seriously good taste.


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