Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rain, Rain, Stay Today

It's raining it's pouring...the old man is snoring.
No really my dad's upstairs taking a nap.
Just kidding- he's not old, he's really quite chipper.

I love the rain! It reminds me of where I used to live in Germany.
Has anyone ever been to Kaiserslautern?
Or Stuttgart?
Man I miss it sometimes... but when it rains it takes me back.
You know one day I will return and maybe it'll be completely different
abandoned of the people I used to know; all moved on.
But maybe it'll still hold some of the magic it used to?
The magic I loved so much.


  1. I'm not too happy about the rain because it has been reaining in P.R. for weeks and I can't do anything but i'm glad your enjoying it :)

  2. How very poetic of you, G. Rain always makes me long for Germany too...

    Cute pictures! Can I have the name of the photographer?? Oh wait, that would be...? ;)

  3. It has been raining here nonstop! Which is bothering me because school is going to start any minute now and I haven't gone to the beach as much as I wanted to.

  4. I miss Germany terribly at times, along with its weather: the rain, the snow, the wind, and so on. Luckily we get rain here, so we get a little bit of that magic back right? Very good post sister, love the photos.


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