Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Life is Average

I've recently become obsessed with reading MLIA.
I have found so many hilarious things on that site
that just crack me up.
Here are my favorites from this week...

Today, the majority of the high school went snowboarding. I was walking down the hall, and decided to do a cartwheel at the end since nobody was around. Unfortunately, my law professor walked around the corner and I didn't see her. She's in the hospital getting her nose x-rayed. MLIA

Today I adopted twin black kittens. Knowing that everyone will ask their names, I decided to name them Madness and Sparta. So when someone asks their names I can go, "THIS IS MADNESS, THIS IS SPARTA!" MLIA.

Today, while looking up common Gaelic phrases online, I came across "Tá m'árthach foluaineach lán d'eascainn." In English this means, my hovercraft is full of eels. I was unaware that this was a common occurrence for those who speak Gaelic. MLIA

Hope everyone's having a MAGNIFICENT Saturday!

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  1. MLIA is way beyond average is quite awesome if you ask me!


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