Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Renegade + Banquet

Last weekend was a lot of fun!
Callie, Kaitlyn, and my mom all went to the Renegade Craft Fair.
It was very cool, in a word.
There were so many different types of artists there,
with so much to offer.

One of the booths we actually got to stop by was
for Etsy!

Then we created these, "baby bunts".
Aren't they freakin' adorable?!

Later, after I made a few *cough cough* purchases
we walked around South Congress...

I actually ended up buying a mustache pin,
a graphic poster,
a shirt with toast on it,
and a few others, which are escaping my mind right now.
Callie is considering doing it next year
and I think that she would do awesome, don't you?

{this is what I wore to the Banquet}

Then last night I went to a Debate Banquet.
Which was er, okay.
The place was really nice and had good food,
and I got to spend time with my dad.
But there was a lot of favoritism happening in all the speeches,
gifts, and things...which was getting frustrating.
They even had a super long slide show of "fun times"
which I was only included in UNO picture!

But you know what!
As I lay in my bed and look up at our shaky fan,
I remember: there's only 12 more days of school,
so I smile.


  1. Wow that craft fair sounds like my idea of heaven

  2. Jessica,
    I love this post. You have such a way with them ;). And I love your pictures. All of them! You are such a talented lady. DOn't worry about that stupid banquet. We're proud of you no matter what. Fo sho. Love you lil sis. K


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