Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy As a Bee

Things that have gone on in my life in the last week or so...

I was in a debate tournament! My partner and I won two out of four rounds. Whoo whoo!!

Yesterday I worked on project for Macbeth. We had to make 3 commercials that went with the movie...I had to dress up as a witch and Lady Macbeth among others. :)

My sister Callie has this lovely post about my "sock" monkey Jeb! He was such a wonderful gift... I love him so much! Ain't he just adorable?

Red Boots gifted me this blog award! Thank you, thank you! That was incredibly sweet.

Another funny video by Mitchell Davis. hehe.

I tag you: In A Yellow Wood

Rose Red

Camp Smartypants

The Absent Minded (JenRem)

PS: I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time! There's been too much stuff going on... is there anything fun you plan to do this week?

-Jessica Leigh La Lou


  1. Okay, that video = random. I watched it twice because that boy is crazy!

    And thanks for the tag! I'm assuming it's in relation to the award (I'm slow sometimes, sorry!). If so, THANK-YOU! This would be my first award, eva! Yeah, your girl is not so cool.

    And a debate tourney? Way to go girl! I don't have the knowledge to go head to head with someone in a tourney like that.

  2. i went to dallas to take some zumba master classes! did you know i'm a zumba instructor? hehe! yup!

  3. Just gave you a shout out on my blog for this fabulous award you passed along. Thought I'd just stop by to let you know :)


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